26 July 2012

Lesson Study

Last week on the 19th of July 2012 I went for the Lesson Study course. It was amazing. 
I just want to share with you guys my own experience. Lesson study actually involves small groups of teachers (4-6 teachers) meeting at stipulated times to plan, implement, evaluate, and revise lesson plan in a collaborative manner. It is on-going practice in Japan especially in elementary and middle schools. 
  In that course, one of the sessions was the hands-on activity where we were supposed to try it out in a near by school. Guess what!!!  I was the person chosen to do the first tryout lesson in a school in Kuala Lumpur. You know what it was very scary and testing moment in my life. So many teachers were around me watching me. The pupils really enjoyed the story i told them and they could actually answer all my questions. The activity where pupils had actually did role-play was a very amazing activity because they did it quite well.
  Later, all the teachers in my group did some discussions and we were reviewing the lesson and the pupils learning and respond. Teachers should not feel sensitive about the comment given by our friends whereas take it positively for our future successful performance. That's all to share. Hope you guys could learn something from this. God Bless.

25 June 2012

http://pendidikmy.net/2009/12/03/suara-dg2941/ Please use this website and promote it. It is good website for teachers to share information. Thanks.

06 December 2011

Description of What People Do

  • athlete - a person trained to compete in sports
  • burglar - a thief who breaks into a building to steal things
  • competitor - a person who takes part in a race or contest
  • criminal - a person who breaks the law
  • customer - a person who buys something from a shop
  • genius - a person who has an extraordinary ability
  • guest - a person who is visiting us
  • nun - a woman belonging to a certain religion , who lives her life according to certain vows
  • toddler - a baby who has just started to walk
  • truant - a child who is absent from school without permission
  • veteran - one who has given long service or who is experienced by long practice